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Clinic Directors Aaron and Danielle have a lifelong affinity with health and performance. Their own journey beginning in their teens as National Junior Cycling Champions. Aaron went on to a career in the Royal Air Force, where he fostered his ability to injure people beforemaking the paradigm shift towards learning how to fix those injuries. Later graduating with a first-class honours Degree in osteopathy and an MSc Sport and Exercise Science.

Danielle continued her endurance cycling career, switching between road cycling, mountain biking and downhill racing, competing in the Women’s Tour de France and two World Championships, alongside numerous competition records and national titles. When she finally hung her wheels up for good, she consolidated her experiential knowledge with a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.


Our Aim

Core to our philosophy is to help you to achieve your very best by addressing every aspect of your health and performance needs. Rarely will poor health translate to optimum performance whatever your goal. At MofO, we offer a diverse team of specialists, who utilise a blend of current evidence based treatment options and innovative rehabilitation strategies to ensure your body is in optimal condition to heal itself quickly. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete MofO can help.

 Alongside our team of manual therapists our performance dietician provides nutritional and supplement support to optimise your recovery. This means you aren’t locked in to weekly expensive treatments lasting for months as results are expedited by our comprehensive approach.
At Mofo, you can expect the highest levels of professionalism, matched by our passion and commitment to helping you achieve your goals,whether your goal is to be free from pain or squat 250kg.

Our Clinics

Aaron Caseley

Business Owner

Danielle Caseley

Business Owner

Our Therapists

Niall Walsh


Client Testimonials

I was introduced to Mofo while suffering with Crohn’s Disease and chronic low back pain. Meeting Aaron and Danielle could not have come at a better time. I’d tried everything before coming to Mofo.

They understood my condition straight away and have helped me now finally live pain free. I’ve never felt stronger or had so much energy and most importantly experience life pain free.

Mofo support a tailored approach to get your body back to 100%.

Thank you Mofo Body mechanic.

Tonie Leo
CEO Jax Barber Shops


I’ve been working with Danielle and Aaron at Mofo for over 12 months now. They possess an incredible amount of knowledge that has been crucial in helping me develop my own skills as a coach, and in healing my own body after spending the last 15 years competing as a Bodybuilder and IFBB pro.

They’re a real gift to the health and fitness world, giving people the correct guidance/treatment to prepare for, repair from and succeed in whatever it is you’re striving for.

Even though my competitive career is now over, I’m always in touch with these guys to maximise my own health and fitness and discuss life hacks to create a better version of myself mentally and physically. It’s great to know my fellow fitness friends are in safe hands, and I’m honoured to work with them.

Rosie Rascal
IFBB Pro Body Builder

Aaron and Danielle are a constant reliable source of information on recovery strategies and improving performance. I was highly impressed by their depth of knowledge on how to iron out the kinks in my body from 12 years of professional rugby league and more recently professional wrestling.

Invest in yourself by investing in MOFO

Luke Menzies
WWE Professional Wrestler

As a Professional Kickboxer / Muay Thai Fighter, I push myself to the limits during my training, putting my body through immense stress. I’m able to do this because I have a support of Mofo Body mechanic. They’re the best in terms of recovery, helping me to become stronger, fitter and an overall better athlete, also keeping me injury free.

If youre ‘looking to work with the best in the business, MOFO is the obvious choice, both Aaron and Danielle are very professional, helpful and friendly, with amazing knowledge, just World class!

Mareusz Duczmal
Muay Thai K1 World Champion

I came to Mofo with various problems associated with heavy lifting. I’d used a few physios previously but had never seen any lasting effects from their treatment. When I started working with Aaron not only did Aaron treat and diagnose my issues almost immediately, he educated me on how to rehab the injuries I was suffering with giving me movements and exercises to work on after our sessions.

Aaron is a rarity in the industry he has a deep intricate knowledge of human anatomy coupled with an understanding of lifting, this enables him to diagnose your issues and prescribe measures to not only fix your ailments but also prevent them reoccurring.”

Sam Bollands
Power lifter and British Record Holder

Mofo was recommended to me through a friend in the body building world, and after sustaining a couple of injuries through continuous training camps I decided to book an appointment with Aaron and I wasn’t let down! His enthusiasm and commitment to his job is second to none and after one session of Osteopathy/Sports Therapy, I could already feel my injuries begin to feel better.
As a boxer it’s important to have professionalism and understanding in your team and the guys at MOFO are second to none! Fast, responsive and good at what they do, 10/10!

Red Johnson

Mofo Rehabilitation Services

Our specialist team offer a range of services

Osteopathy, Sports Therapy, Sports Massage, medical acupuncture, Nutrition,
Strength and Conditioning, Blood testing and bespoke I.V service.


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