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Welcome to MofO Body Mechanic. We are a team of sports injury prevention and management specialists. Working with some of the world’s best athletes including Olympic cycling gold medallists, world champion Muay Thai boxers, world class powerlifters, IFBB professional bodybuilders and National level Strongmen and Women.

In sport, countless medals have been lost and sporting dreams crushed due to poor injury management . Our innovative and progressive injury prevention programs and treatments for accelerated tissue regeneration have rapidly gained us a reputation as the go-to industry experts in the north of England for or all injury and performance related needs.

We combine well established treatment modalities with the latest biomedical interventions, an in-depth knowledge of strength and conditioning protocols and careful exercise-based programming to keep you training whilst we fix your injury



The best athletes are focused, motivated and committed to their craft. We believe the people who treat you should have the same values. Our team of therapists boast National titles, competition records and backgrounds in professional sport themselves. We understand what it takes to be at the top of your game.

We promise to significantly reduce typical recovery time and get you back doing what you love.

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MofO Rehabilitation Services

Our specialist team offer a range of services

Osteopathy, Sports Therapy, Sports Massage, Medical Acupuncture, Nutrition,
Strength and Conditioning, Blood testing and bespoke I.V service.


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