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Injuries are our best teachers

Recovery doesn’t happen on the treatment couch. They happen in the gym and are forged in iron.

You have the power to say:
‘This is not how my journey will end’’

The hardest task for a strength athlete is having zero interruptions in your training due to injury. Finding a therapist that knows how to keep you training while rehabbing an injury is virtually impossible. Well, that’s exactly what we do. We’ll keep you in the gym while simultaneously getting you back to full functional fitness, so when you’re fixed, you’re ready to hit those PB’s once again. We’re tenacious Mofo’s! You’re in the wrong place if looking for a program that includes time out of training.

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We bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance by combining injury rehab solutions with evidenced based scientific training methods backed by a clinically based treatment approaches for bodybuilders, powerlifters, strongman & women, cross fitters and Olympic weightlifters. Doesn’t matter if you’re an elite athlete or just love lifting, we’ve got a tailored solution for you.

We’re not about boring you with credentials and giving you a load of superfluous clichés about how passionate we are. We live and breathe this stuff, we’ve been in the trenches rehabilitating thousands of people, in excess of a combined 64 years, alongside 16 years of teaching a new generation of therapists. We can’t wait to get you fixed.

Our brand is synonymous with lifters, with an equally strong team of therapists, hand selected from the student cohort of well in excess of 1600 over the years. Check the ‘Therapists’ tab to read more about our team.

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Can’t get to us, no drama, let us come to you via an Online Consultation. Since we started offering our Online Service, we’ve been astonished by the success of supporting our TRIBE remotely. It’s worked so well, we’ve decided to dedicate more of our time delivering online support. We’ve accumulated 100’s of 5/5 star ratings on our online service.

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A range of therapies to aid a fast recovery

Team mofo is the only specialised injury rehabbers for strength athletes in the UK. Having access to therapists that not only fix you, but also know how to keep you training is an absolute game changer.


Shockwave Therapy - ESWT

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation - IASTM

Spinal & Joint Manipulation

Medical Acupuncture

Training & Rehabilitation Programmes


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Featured Comments

To be the best you’ve got to work with the best. I started working with Aaron just prior to gaining my IFBB Pro card. I’ve been so impressed, I wouldn’t choose anyone else for myself and my clients.

Emma Hyndman – Posing Coach and IFBB Figure Pro

For the first time in literally years, I’m injury free. Aaron fixed a long term shoulder injury in just eight weeks. If Carlsberg made rehab people, they’d make Aaron!

Neil Curry – Online Coach and IFBB Classic Pro

I’ve been working with Aaron for about 6 months now, initially for a nagging adductor Injury which he was able to sort via an online consultation after many face to face rehab specialists failed to fix.

Shane Jerman – Coach and Strongman

My experience working with Aaron has been as a coach who’s clients have seen him over various issues. The feedback I’ve received from them has always been extremely positive. What impressed me most and sets Mofo apart is the after care where by my clients have been given set mobility drills to do and I have been included in these conversations always with the option to ask more and delve deeper. The video feedback and communication has always been clear and professional and I highly recommend all of what MoFo has to offer.

Josh Maley – Online Coach and Mr Universe 2019

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Mofo have teamed up with the posing pro – Emma Hyndman to produce an absolute game changer of an ebook. This is a one of a kind interactive reading experience the dives deep into the mechanics of posing with corrective exercises and mobility drills for any competitive level

Price: £19.95
Title: Posing/Mechanics, Authors: Emma Hyndman/Aaron Caseley

Prepared by Danielle Casey

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