Aaron Caseley MOst

Osteopath & Sports & Exercise Therapist
Clinical Director

Aarons is both lead clinician at Mofo and joint company director with his Dietitian wife, Danielle, with over 28 years clinical experience and 15 years of academic teaching experience. Aaron began his career in the RAF as a PTI, before moving onto a 10 year stint as a PT, during which he graduated from the British School of Osteopathy, with a first class honours Degree. In his own words ‘I spent over a decade breaking people down before deciding to fix people instead’.

Aaron worked in private practice as a Sports Osteopath alongside his lecturing post at University College Birmingham and undertook an MSc in Sport and Exercise Science. Moving to Yorkshire in 2012, Aaron has combined clinical practice with his role as a Senior lecturer in Sports and Exercise Therapy at Leeds Becket University and contributor to a number of peer review journals and text books.

Aaron now spends all of his time working with Body builders, power lifters, strongmen and women. His unique skill lies in his talent to combine injury treatment interventions with sport specific training programming to optimise and accelerate healing time.

Taylor Ball BSc.

Sports & Exercise Therapist

Taylor, our newest addition to team Mofo, graduated from Leeds Beckett University with a degree in Sport and Exercise Therapy. She’s an accomplished athlete having competed as a competitive hockey player at National League level in two teams. Her expertise build on her sports credentials, applying the skills of manual therapy, advanced soft tissue techniques, medical acupuncture, kinesiology taping and exercise prescription, to enhance the treatment of soft tissue injuries in all ages and abilities within the world of fitness.

She describes herself as an absolute ‘gym nut’ while continuing to fill her time with an array of different sports. ‘Training hard and working towards a common goal is what drives and motivates me to push myself whatever field it may be!’

Having been under Aaron’s eye for two years at university, she’s now getting to work alongside him to become part of Team MOFO.

Niall Walsh MOst

Sports Osteopath

Niall grew up in London and later moved to Leeds where he graduated with a Masters degree of Osteopathy in 2016. During his time at University he competed in the weightlifting British championships gaining experience of what it’s like to be both athlete and practitioner. Combining his experience as an athlete and an Osteopathy degree, Niall has helped develop Team Mofo as a leading rehab centre.

Niall practices a very ‘hands on’ approach combining manual techniques, Spinal and joint mobilisation, myofascial release, medical acupuncture and exercise prescription to optimise his patients speed of recovery.

Niall has quickly established an impressive success rate with his clients and is now pivotal as a leading therapist for CrossFit and strength based athletes. He is a firm believer that given the correct advice, treatment plan and sport specific exercise prescription, the body can recover from, adapt to, or prevent most musculoskeletal injuries.

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