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By Emma Hyndman & Aaron Caseley
e-Book Series
Prepared By Danielle Caseley

Mofo have teamed up with the posing pro – Emma Hyndman to produce an absolute game changer of an ebook. This is a one of a kind interactive reading experience the dives deep into the mechanics of posing with corrective exercises and mobility drills for any competitive level.


No matter what class you compete in, the presentation of your physique is your key to success. Failing to optimise mobility, strength and address underlying injuries is your fastest route to failure. Nailing every aspect of your posing is exactly what this ebook is about.

This program is designed to optimise your posing through identifying problem areas. Correcting those issue with a series of drills and exercises to correct any functional or mechanical issues to help you hit every pose perfectly so you can showcase all your hard work on the stage. All of this packaged up in one smart little ebook.

5 reviews for Posing | Mechanics – eBook

  1. Bridget G.

    I’m really impressed with the posing ebook! I’ve found it’s easy to follow and implement yet detailed enough for me to really understand the mechanics behind the poses.

  2. Robyn Smith

    I found the tutorials on the posing mechanics ebook really easy to follow and my mobility is measurably better than it was. Highly recommend.

  3. Nathan Styles

    The posing ebook has been a great addition to the posing work you’re already doing. Especially since lockdown has hit and I’ve not been able to get in to see Emma 1-1

    Rally gives you some clarity on which areas you need to work on with exercises to fix it. Great book, great people, if you’re serious about bodybuilding and nailing it on stage, this is the book for you!

  4. Katie (verified owner)

    This EBook is AMAZING! An absolute must if you’re wanting to better your posing, also super interesting to hear about the mechanics of specific movements.

    This will 100% improve my posing, the way everything is explained is super clear and simple! Highly Recommend!

  5. Jess

    As a complete newbie to bodybuilding and posing, this Ebook is an invaluable tool. I found it really easy to understand with the videos and additional written notes. I was able to learn the fundamentals of posing and the mobility I personally required. Not only did it provide the knowledge of what and how my mobility could improve my posing but also gave me more confidence for my first posing session next month. I would highly recommend.

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